New Brunswick

Flu Prevention is in your hands

Influenza can pose serious health risks to the elderly, the very young, and those with weakened immune systems or certain other health conditions. The New Brunswick Department of Health provides publicly funded influenza vaccine for individuals at high risk of influenza complications as well as for members of their households. The Department of Health funds flu vaccine for children from six months to 18 years old, pregnant women, parents and household contacts of children younger than five, people with chronic health conditions and the elderly. Vaccination is recognized as the single most effective way of reducing the impact of influenza. The government of New Brunswick encourages everyone who is eligible for the publicly funded program to be vaccinated. Check out the links below to find out if you’re eligible. Proper hand washing, among other things, is also important in preventing the spread of infections. For more information on how you can prevent the flu, click on the links below.

What is the flu and how do you prevent it?

Got your flu shot?

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